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Kindergarten Open House Information

Kindergarten Open House Information

Did you miss our Kindergarten Open House night?

Here is the information that was handed out. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at 651-425-4800

We look forward to having your Kindergartener this fall!

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Kindergarten FAQ


What is the average class size?

The South Washington County School District sets a threshold for each grade level. For kindergarten, the threshold is 24 students. We do our very best to keep classes at or below the threshold. If students move in throughout the year and the class size exceeds 24 students, we won’t dismantle classes to build another class.

What specialist classes do students have?

Students have physical education (PE), music, art, and media (library and technology). Typically students have PE four days a week, music and media twice a week and art once a week.

How much recess time do kindergarteners get? 

Students have twenty minutes of recess every day. Some teachers incorporate additional recess in their day as needed.

What are the health guidelines for when my child is ill? 

To support a healthy school environment parents/legal guardians are encouraged to monitor your child’s health closely.  When your child is ill  do not send them to school within 24 hours of vomiting, having diarrhea, and/or being fever free without medication.

What if my child needs medication at school?

All medications must be kept in the Health Office. When a student requires any medication at school,:

  • The medication must be provided in the original prescription bottle labeled for school;

  • Include written authorization from parent/legal guardian and physician for all prescription medications.

How do you handle peanut (or other food) allergies?

If your child has peanut or other food allergies, please note in their enrollment packet, or notify the Bailey Health office. We will notify the classroom teacher and cafeteria staff.  We also have a nut free table in the cafeteria for students with nut allergies. Students may select a couple of friends who are eating school lunch (all school lunches are nut free) to join them at that table. In the event of a nut allergy, we send communication to all families that the classroom is a nut free zone.

Do kindergarteners eat snack?

Yes, every class will have designated snack time in which students eat a snack brought from home. 

Does Bailey have before or after school care? 

Community Education offers before and after school care as well as care on no-school days  through a program called Kids Club to students in grades K-5 at every elementary school. For more information or to register, go to or call 651-425-6637.


Before and After School Care

Contact: Heather Wilkin,, 651-425-6639

School Year 2022-23 Enrollment session begins  Wednesday, April 27 promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Info for the program, for the enrollment session and a link to our enrollment website are in place on our program webpage:

When will I know who my child’s teacher will be?

You will receive an email in mid August notifying you of your child’s teacher.  All elementary schools in our district send notification on the same day.  That day has yet to be determined.

What are teachers looking for on Assessment Days?

Assessment days are August 24th and 25th.  When families receive notification regarding their homeroom teacher assignment, there will also be a link to sign up for a thirty minute, one on one timeslot.  Assessment days are an opportunity for teachers and students to begin the important process of building a strong, caring relationship. Teachers recognize that students may be nervous, so any data gathered is simply baseline data.  Teachers will be assessing the following: Letter identification (upper case, lower case), number identification  (0-31) and shape identification. 

How many kindergarten classes do you have?

We currently have five sections of kindergarten for the fall of 2022. 

What is Bailey’s approach to social-emotional learning?

Bailey Elementary believes that social-emotional learning is just as important as academic learning.  We use an approach of teaching that emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth in a strong and safe school community. Developed by classroom teachers, the approach consists of practical strategies for helping children build academic and social-emotional competencies day in and day out.

If I am dropping my child off in the morning or picking them up in the afternoon, what are the procedures?

We use an "airport style" drop-off and pickup process at Bailey. When entering the parking lot, please stay to the far right and circle around our parking lot. 

  Arrival/drop off:

  • Please pull as far forward as the last orange cone.

  • Students must exit the car on the curbside - parents should not exit the car at any point in the car line - for this reason, students must be able to buckle/unbuckle themselves. If they cannot do this, you will need to park and walk your child to the crosswalk.

  • Please wait to let your children get out of the car until you are at a cone.

  Dismissal/Pick up:

  • Like the drop off routine, your child will be picked up curbside. Please do not park and come to get your child.

  • Students will wait in their designated area with their teacher until you arrive to pick them up.

  • As you pull up, proceed all the way to the first orange cone along the side of the school (please be kind and follow the directions of the staff members directing traffic).

  • For safety reasons, students may only enter your car on the curb side of your vehicle. For this reason, students must be able to buckle/unbuckle themselves. If they cannot do this, you will need to park and assist your child in buckling after picking them up.


general map of bailey elementary with information on how to move through the building and where rooms are located