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Lost and Found Update!

Lost and Found Update!

Lost and found

Did you Loose something? 

Lost & Found is bursting with coats, shirts, lunch containers, and miscellaneous other belongings.

The lost and found tables are set up in the commons. Please have your child checked them frequently!

Note that lost items that are not claimed will be donated on Wednesday December 21st.

Please try to write your students LAST NAME and all their belongings.

Our PTA volunteers sorted all lost and found items, and took photos to help families reunite with their lost items. Photos are posted on our Bailey Facebook page and on our Bailey website. Please look through the photos. If you notice any of your items, remind your student to stop by the lost and found, or you can reach out to the school and we can help get the item back to your student.

If you are unable to see the posted pictures and wish to check the lost and found, please arrange a time with the office that you could come by and look. After school is the best option or we can schedule another time. 

Thank you!

Bailey PTA and Bailey Elementary