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Message from Principal McDonald

Message from Principal McDonald

A Message From Principal McDonald

We had a GREAT first FULL week of school! School is definitely in full swing. Most routines and procedures have been mastered (or close) and we have started getting into new learning material. We also had our first fire drill this week (on Wednesday). We announced that the drill was going to happen both on our morning news show (BBTV) as well as classroom teachers reviewed the procedures with their students during Morning Meeting. Drills are an important way to practice procedures when we are calm, to help form that muscle memory so if a 'real' situation would happen, our bodies would just know what to do (automaticity). We have to conduct 5 Evacuations (fire drills), 2 Secure Perimeters (lock in), 3 Lock Downs, 1 Severe Weather and 1 Bus Evacuation during our school year.


In not so great news, I have also had to send a few Notice of Covid-19 letters. Please know if you receive one of these letters, it means a positive case was either in your child's classroom or on the bus. Moving forward, I will specify whether it was classroom or bus in the letter. I know for families with more than one child in school, it can cause added confusion if this basic information is unknown. Thank you for your continued patience as we all continue to get through these challenging times together.



As always if you need anything or have any questions contact me at or 651-425-4803. It's a GREAT day to be a Bailey Bobcat!



Kristine McDonald