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Updates to Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Updates to Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

UPDATES: Now that we have the first week down, we ask that all parents utilize the car pool lane for drop off and pick up. If you absolutely must park and walk up, you MUST utilize the cross walk. This is to ensure safety of our students and staff.


Kindergarten/PreK families, once you reach the blue drop off lines, please utilize the bypass lane and pull all the way around to the kindergarten doors (by the small playground) to pick up your kindergartener (and any older siblings). Please remain in your vehicle. Staff will assist your student to your vehicle. This will keep the line moving.


For any students that need help with getting buckled, we ask that you pull forward out of the immediate loading/unloading zones. Then you can pull over to assist (before exiting the parking lot).


If you drop-off or pick up your child from school, you will always use the entrance off of Woodlane Dr. In an effort to promote a safe and efficient drop off and pick zone, we ask that you adhere to the following:


- Be patient. Expect delays the first few weeks of school.

Please have your child's first/last name and grade level on a piece of paper (either taped or held up on the passenger side door). (click for template)

- Follow the one-way traffic flow. No U-turns please.

- Pull forward to the designated area for unloading

- Drive slowly and carefully and watch for individuals in the crosswalk

Have your child exit and enter your vehicle on the curbside of the car

Adults remain in their vehicle

- Avoid distractions. Please refrain from talking on cell phones and texting while driving.

- Please be courteous and supportive of our parking lot attendants. They are there to assure student safety.

red sign with image of a car and a student with the words student drop-off and pick-up