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Arrival and Dismissal - Dial Model
Our arrival and dismissal procedures are a little different this year. Please be patient in the line of traffic as we will be moving as fast as we can. Arrival/drop off: Parents will be dropping their child off curb side to our welcoming Bailey Staff. Please do not park in the lot and walk your child to their line. We are limiting the number of people in one area at a time. We will help direct your child to the correct door that they will enter. Kindergarten students will follow the sidewalk to the Kindergarten door where staff members will greet them as they enter the Kindergarten hallway. First and second graders will line up with their teachers at side doors that go directly to their classrooms. Third, fourth and fifth graders will line up on the sidewalk that leads to the front entrance. We will have MANY staff members that will be assisting our students to get them to their correct lines. Dismissal/Pick up: Like the drop off routine, your child will be picked up curb side. Please do not park and come to get your child. Students will wait in their designated area with their teacher until you arrive to pick them up. As you pull up proceed all the way to an open numbered cone (please be kind and follow the directions of the staff members directing traffic). Have your child’s name and grade level on a piece of paper in your window or on your visor. Staff members will walkie to the adults monitoring the children by their doors and your child will come to your car. ​
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